Sunday, October 30, 2005

A few snapshots of the most beautiful days this year over the past five days r/o

We were surprised and overjoyed at our luck on being blessed with some of the most glorious days since last year - spring-like in every way, with temperatures upto 24 degrees C. We could hardly believe our luck again today and we had to dig up some summer clothes like linen jackets, etc. The only way one could know that it is autumn is by looking at the almost bare trees...

After my queue-dodging experience earlier this week, I am delighted to write that I am happier again and I also saw many crusty people smile these past few days. What a beautiful sight that was! However, the forecast looks set to be cloudy and rainy over the next couple of days - guess - all good things must sadly come to an end.

On a serious note - I am saddened by so many disasters - natural or inflicted by mankind almost everywhere. My thoughts and prayers at this moment are with people in India who have also been suffering from floods, train crashes and bomb blasts just around the time of two very important religious festivals in India -Diwali and Id. May these festivals be held in peace.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Overwhelmed by the generosity of loving friends..

and I am luckily blessed with many.

I may come across as a cynic to some of you but I have my humbling moments when I am treated with so much love, warmth and kindness that my cynical attitude turns into something very warm and caring. In general, I do try to see good in people as much as I can. :)

This week I was awestruck beyond imagination by two friends who wanted to make this a very special week for me. Without mentioning names (you know who you are) - I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so genuine, loving and true to your words.

My perfume today in the honour of all you lovely friends - is Chanel 22 and I am also testing SJP's Lovely.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

I wanted to post a couple of pics from yesterday (we had the most glorious day in Paris since August) but blogger has some problems with them. Will try again later.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Artist of the day...

Sudip Biswas Untitled

Sudip Biswas Victory

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

French women (and men) in general are the biggest queue dodgers

I know in the whole wide world and much as I love France, the French can be
highly annoying. Today I lost my temper in my local Monoprix and I did start screaming at a rather aagghhhh woman who claimed she was in front of me - when I had not seen her at all. Obviously the French know the art of being invisible too! I just let go of my wonderful abusive vocab in English and French. I am still fuming!
They tend to use their fast motorway lane changing (without indication naturally) skills to their supermarket till exits. It is highly disgusting even though I know they do this ALL the time.
Patience has never been their virtue but then nor is it mine - so why on earth should I remain polite and stay in lane - because most of the lane changing tactics actually cause most of the delays....

I just want you friends to know that all things in Paris, France cannot be termed as beautiful and fantastic. Yes - there are all the lovely shops and sights but people???? Except my French friends and other law abiding foreigners who have some sense of not being so bloody unruly - I hate them all!

Rant over. Want to share your queue dodging experiences? I am all ears/eyes today.
Perhaps I will calm down. If I see that woman in my neighbourhood again......

Want to be an expert in queue (sly or blatant) dodging? Move to Paris, France!


Monday, October 24, 2005

Late autumn colours in Paris....

As you may have noticed, I have been really slacking on the blogging front lately. It has been very hectic and I have been down with a nasty cold/'flu like symptoms since my last post. I do not seem to find the time to write up and post.

Here are a few photos I took recently. We had the most wonderful autumn this year and I guess I am now reluctantly getting mentally prepared for dark wintry days.

This year my autumn/winter perfume wardrobe will mainly consist of Cedre, Un Lys, Chanel 22 parfum, maybe Coco parfum, Caron's Farnesiana parfum, some classic Guerlains extraits such as Mitsy, L'Heure Bleue, Jicky, Chamade, Vol de Nuit..., my own concoctions and I guess I am sort of prepared.

What does your perfume wardrobe look like this winter? Please do share your thoughts.

NOTE to SPAMMERS: Please remember that I am least interested in what you think or wear and I refuse to get that annoying word verification thingie on and subject the three to ten friends who read my blog - so just p*ss off.

On a sweeter note - I wish to dedicate this post to some of my wonderful perfume loving friends from all over the world for being some of the most genuine, encouraging, warm and fabulous people....

Friday, October 14, 2005

Tagged by the witty and lovely Tania...


20 random facts about parislondres....

1. I am not a sweet person many people may think I am and I can also be quite tough.

2. Most creative activities can move me.

3. Qualified solicitor (lawyer) but I cannot stand most lawyers though there are many great ones - actually the best humane ones in that profession do happen to be some of my closest friends. I doubt I could ever marry one!

4. People who take me for granted at any point lose my friendship.

5. I am obsessive about customer service - cannot stand poor quality we seem to face these days.

6. A bit/quite eccentric in nature - love my own space yet can be a real party animal - go figure! I can be mooooooooooooooodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy but do not show it.
I have strong views on most things important to my life. Am a blatant materialist with a socialistic heart/mind!

7. I am related to the famous Bankim Chandra Chatterjee (maternal grandmom's side) who wrote the hymn "Bande Mataram" - one of the greatest patriotic hymns ever - maybe that is why I am not overtly patriotic.

8. Again related to two art related figures. First O.C. Ganguly - who was a famous art critic, art historian and art collector in India (my father's side).
Also, Lady Ranu Mookerjee who ran the Academy of Fine Arts in Calcutta since her father-in-law set it up in 1933 - a great meeting place for Calcutta's artistic intelligentsia. That is where most major contemporary shows take place. My art venture has no relation or support from this academy or any connections. She was one heck of a woman.

9. My Belgian husband and I (born and raised in India) are true cosmopolites - we feel at home pretty much in any city. Between us, we have several masters degrees and speak nine languages.

10. I love Rome and I believe I was a Roman in my last birth. Rome moves me and speaks to me.

11. I worked for Mother Teresa's Sishu Bhavan when I was in my teens - it is the orphanage that made me re-think about procreation in this present world. Am perfectly happy sans children and am happier to help many more than just the couple I would raise and then what?
Certainly left a massive impression on me.

12. Also I am NOT British - a common but rather annoying mistake but am an Indian married to a Belgian. I have no relatives who live in the UK. Most of my relatives are very happy in India.

13. I love most Asian cuisine, some European cuisine and love Cajun food.
My favourite drink is Pineau des Charantes. I am allergic to milk products..

14. I can be a snack addict - mainly Japanese, Indian and American snacks. Well not really an addict but when I get some - they go very quickly.

15. I have an aversion towards cold, snobbish, superficial, religious fundamentalists and wishy-washy people - I am way too passionate to get along with those kinds... especially the wishy-washy variety.

16. Detest waiting and people who are disrespectful and late get on my nerves.

17. I love to drive very fast - owning a beauty like TVR Tuscan and a porche 911 is a dream for me. According to my husband I am a racer - so wish I had gone into racing!

18. Wish to learn to fly someday soon.

19. I cannot swim - I am a pisces without fins.

20. I love France - Vive la France!

About tagging - I would love to tag my wonderful friend Debra who writes She'll be Feverish

Monday, October 10, 2005

Just to say hello and have a great week ahead....

This week looks set to be incredibly busy with work, friends, hobbies and life.
Hope you enjoy the week too. Here are two photos of what I love and I recently took and wanted to share. The first is Palais Royal from the first floor (US second floor) a few weekends ago when we (the great public) were allowed to visit and drool at the amazing beauty of what is inside my favourite Palais Royal and the other is a gorgeous cloudscape from our apartment last week - I love autumn skies.
I will write more soon.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Please take a look at

Would love to hear your thoughts...

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