Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Please take a look at www.artavatar.com

Would love to hear your thoughts...

N, it is a lovely site, and so nicely arranged. I love that you can search by medium as well as artist. I wish you every success with ArtAvatar...you have a very talented stable of artists and they deserve to be more widely known.
I love this painting. I love this site. I love this artist.

I cannot wait to seen more new and interesting things from Artavatar!

I think you've done a spectacular job on the site. I REALLY like the range of work you offer. Best of luck with it!!!
What an awesome site. Yearning by
Samarjit Biswas is wonderful, amongst so many other great paintings. Superb, vibrant colors.
I think some of these paintings are absolutely sublime, N!

Beautiful site. The best of luck to you and these wonderful artists.

Love and hugs!
Dear N,
I emailed you yesterday, so you already know my opinion. I really like the paintings & the creativity of the artists.
The representation of your site is very clearly arranged, it´s wonderful to visit it. You did a great job :) !
I love the site, and the new elements you added. It is great that the search is as well constructed as it is. Best of luck, dear N!
I didn't know that was a site that had anything to do with you Neela! That is so cool.

The navigation is really easy and I love the look. And obviously the art is amazing - it's easy to get lost just browsing through them.

Wonderful work N. You should be really proud.
Thank you for all your wonderful, kind and encouraging comments.

I really appreciate it.

Late to this thread:
I loved the site. The artists and works you have chosen are breathtaking. I knew before I clicked on the link that I was in for a visual treat. Your taste is pretty exquisite.

Have a great week N!
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