Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Artist of the day...

Sudip Biswas Untitled

Sudip Biswas Victory

Gorgeous, especially love the first picture, it looks like a ship to me, sailing some distant exotic seas.
Appealing stuff—abstraction with architectural weight. The top picture gives such a fine, golden autumnal feel, too, like standing sheaves of wheat in the afternoon.
Hello M! Yes it does look like a ship destined for the long exotic journey.

Glad you like it too.

Tania, great description - it has that autumnal feel that attracted me to the painting and what we are lacking in Paris - it feels like summer again. Don't want anyone to feel jealous but we had about 21 degrees C today. :)
I love these pieces! They have an introspective aura about them, and yet there is a beautiful quiet strength.

Thank you for sharing, darling!
Darling V! This artist studied to become a lawyer and then was disillusioned and went into painting.....
It must explain the beautiful quiet strength - you have such a wonderful way of describing things.

Hope you are well.
So glad my favorite is not being highlighted here...yet! (You know I am kidding, right?)
LOL! :))
That artist is getting really famous and I just know that you will have it at home one day...

I love the one on the left for its colors and the lines. What a wonderful choice for today. Thank you for sharing these - sorry - I am still mourning my loss for not acting quick enough. Note to others - if you love one of Artavar's pieces - pick it up immediately or someone else will. Ah - I am sure there will be plenty of others :)
Oh F! I am so glad you like these too. I love this artist for his simplicity yet stylistically gorgeous.

Please do not regret because you will certainly find others that you may love in the future.

Hope P is feeling much better.
Hugs to both of you.
I love the site in general, period. My faves that are up right now are either Composition by Sudipto Jana, or God 3 by Ashok Dey.
Hello Katie! I am delighted that you like some creations by Sudipto Jana and Ashok Dey. They are both incredibly talented artists and also wonderful people. :)
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