Sunday, October 30, 2005

A few snapshots of the most beautiful days this year over the past five days r/o

We were surprised and overjoyed at our luck on being blessed with some of the most glorious days since last year - spring-like in every way, with temperatures upto 24 degrees C. We could hardly believe our luck again today and we had to dig up some summer clothes like linen jackets, etc. The only way one could know that it is autumn is by looking at the almost bare trees...

After my queue-dodging experience earlier this week, I am delighted to write that I am happier again and I also saw many crusty people smile these past few days. What a beautiful sight that was! However, the forecast looks set to be cloudy and rainy over the next couple of days - guess - all good things must sadly come to an end.

On a serious note - I am saddened by so many disasters - natural or inflicted by mankind almost everywhere. My thoughts and prayers at this moment are with people in India who have also been suffering from floods, train crashes and bomb blasts just around the time of two very important religious festivals in India -Diwali and Id. May these festivals be held in peace.

As it happens we had lovely weather here too, N, although not quite so scenic as what I see in your pictures! So glad even the crusty people were smiling ;-)
ahhhhhh, beautiful. As are you, N. xoxo
Glad you had warm weather too dear R! LOL - yes the crusty folks have been happier.

Thank you dear M!

Hope you are well.

Mwah and hugs!
Dear N, My heart broke when I read the latest news from India. Sending prayers to your countrymen and hugs to you.
Lovely photos of Paris
Thank you dear L for your thoughts, hugs and prayers for India - it has been awful everywhere (all over India). :(
Darling N, what lovely photos!

My heart goes out for the people in Delhi. We spent some time calling P's relatives to make sure that everyone is fine. It is very sad.

Hope that your week is starting well!
Thank you darling V! I did my share of telephoning too - mainly friends as no relatives there. However, there were huge problems with floods and train accident in the south. It is so sad that this Diwali and Id will not be the same. There maybe religious tensions yet again - the last thing India needs right now.

would love to share these views in person one days. Beautiful photos.

Dear Laura! Thank you and hope you visit Paris soon.

Glorious photos! Paris looks absolutely stunning, N!

So glad you are feeling better. I will try to email you later on today.

Hugs and much love!
Darling R! Just got your email.
Hope you are very well. Much better in everyway now. Will catch up very soon.

Hugs and much love to you too.
Bonjour Life in Paris. I live in Paris too. I take more pictures in November than any other month; the light, the color of the sky and the leaves... I think Paris looks best in November.

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