Monday, October 10, 2005

Just to say hello and have a great week ahead....

This week looks set to be incredibly busy with work, friends, hobbies and life.
Hope you enjoy the week too. Here are two photos of what I love and I recently took and wanted to share. The first is Palais Royal from the first floor (US second floor) a few weekends ago when we (the great public) were allowed to visit and drool at the amazing beauty of what is inside my favourite Palais Royal and the other is a gorgeous cloudscape from our apartment last week - I love autumn skies.
I will write more soon.

Beautiful, darling! Especially the cloudscape. You have an excellent eye for the aesthetic.

More news later.

Love you!
Great pictures, N, and hope your week goes wonderfully -- hugs, R
Neat pics, N. Love the perspective on the Palais Royal picture. It looks mathematical somehow, which is cool.

Hope you have a great week, and with it so busy, I do hope it's not a stressful one for you!
N., as one Parisienne to another: where do you find Gobin Daudé perfumes in this city? I avoid department stores when I can help it but if that's the way to go... Merci d'avance !
Have a wonderful week, darling! Thank you for posting this wonderful photos.

Thank you darling R (from LA), R (from PA), K and V - you wonderful ladies for your kind comments.

Hope you all have a great day too!

Hello carmencanada! Hope you are well. The last time I saw some of GD's perfumes were at Printemps. I have not checked for her perfumes in a while. Please see the section near the Serge Lutens counter where they keep some niche perfumes - near the exit to rue du Havre. :))

Have a great evening. Hope you enjoyed the gorgeous day today. :)
Thanks. I did enjoy these last few, Indian summer days... It was a great way to exit the 10 day fashion week marathon (ouf! that's over). You can check out my reviews on, under the "Denyse Beaulieu" byline.
Bonne nuit!
Hey, great blog! Keep it up.

I have a Cologne site. It pretty much covers Cologne

related stuff.

Come and have a look if you get time :-)
What a striking picture of the sky! And the ignoramus question here, what are those white round things in the Palais Royal court? They look to me like caps from beer bottles (oh how chic! heh) or buttons :-)
I love autumn skies too. I tend to read your blog in bursts because it makes me wish I were back in Paris. :(
Hello F! I am sure if you read about some of the experiences you will know it is not all gorgeous. :)

Hope you are well.
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