Monday, October 24, 2005

Late autumn colours in Paris....

As you may have noticed, I have been really slacking on the blogging front lately. It has been very hectic and I have been down with a nasty cold/'flu like symptoms since my last post. I do not seem to find the time to write up and post.

Here are a few photos I took recently. We had the most wonderful autumn this year and I guess I am now reluctantly getting mentally prepared for dark wintry days.

This year my autumn/winter perfume wardrobe will mainly consist of Cedre, Un Lys, Chanel 22 parfum, maybe Coco parfum, Caron's Farnesiana parfum, some classic Guerlains extraits such as Mitsy, L'Heure Bleue, Jicky, Chamade, Vol de Nuit..., my own concoctions and I guess I am sort of prepared.

What does your perfume wardrobe look like this winter? Please do share your thoughts.

NOTE to SPAMMERS: Please remember that I am least interested in what you think or wear and I refuse to get that annoying word verification thingie on and subject the three to ten friends who read my blog - so just p*ss off.

On a sweeter note - I wish to dedicate this post to some of my wonderful perfume loving friends from all over the world for being some of the most genuine, encouraging, warm and fabulous people....

Dearest N - so glad you are up and about again, taking beautiful photos of your beautiful city.

As usual, I am in complete accord with your "fragrance wardrobe" choices - classic, understated, comforting. (Well, I haven't tried Cedre yet, and after Tub Criminelle kicked my butt, maybe I *shouldn't*!) Doesn't it seem that all the best perfumes are in their glory in the colder weather? I consider it a consolation prize for enduring the rain, snow and darkness.

Here's how mine is shaping up: Chanel No. 22, iPdF Mirra (with hugs to you, sweetie!), Coco, Parfum Sacre, Allure, Regina Harris, Nuit de Noel - I could be perfectly satisfied with this lot, but in this world of 10,000 scents, I'm sure I will add one or two others in the upcoming months :>)
I hope you are feeling better dear N ! I am also shaking my virtual fist at spammers *shakes fist*

My perfume wardrobe for the cold dark days of fall and winter is as follows: Ambre Narguile, Escada Collection, Talco Delicato, Bois de Paradis, Bois des Iles (in any weather), Bois et Fruits, Feminite de Bois and the list goes on. I seem to have/love/"lem" mostly cold weather scents. :-)
dear N, I hope you're feeling better ... and able to enjoy that wonderful roster of autumn scents ... I'm craving incense and the inevitable roses this fall: yesterday was Shaal Nur ... but have also enjoyed dsh Ashram, sss Sanctuary, the last drops of MWI, Ta'if of course ... anything deep, deep, deep. take time to truly recuperate ... so that you'll be ready to revel during the holidays! ♥ xoxo
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Dear N, my perfume wardrobe for the fall is the same mess of fragrances I always wear -- at the moment, there is absolutely nothing I am dying to buy! That may change very soon of course when the new Osmanthe Yunnan & Carnal Flower are released.
Thank you for these beautiful photos! I hope that you are feeling better. Please take care of yourself.

My fragrance wardrobe for the fall cannot be imagined without Bois des Iles, Bois de Paradis, Bois de Violette. Hmmm, that is a lot of "bois," as I just noticed. :)
Beautiful shots, N, but I especially like the one with the perspective looking down the street.

My fall wardrobe will hopefully consist of me using up all my samples and decants, because I'm starting to feel like they are somehow breeding when I turn the lights off at night and can't see them. Otherwise, for regular rotation, J&E Atkinsons Cananga di Java, Xeryus Rouge, Knize Ten, Galimar, IPDF's Spezie, and Yardley English Rose will probably be regular choices for me I suspect.

And if you ever decide that you need to add the word thingie, believe me, you have all of our sympathies - the spamments have gotten really bad and out of control lately.
Ha! You got spam in this thread.

Sorry to hear you've been sick. Feel better now?

Lovely photos, especially the perspective along the street.

My cold weather scents this year are shaping up to be much like last year, but with some additions: Bois des Iles and Cuir de Russie again, Bulgari Black again, but now with a bit of Musc Ravageur, Tabac Blond, Dzing!, Vetiver Tonka, vintage Arp├Ęge, vintage Cabochard, and Bond Chinatown in the mix. Oh, and Bandit. Mucho Bandito. Ay ay ay!
Lovely photos N and P loved the one below of the Palais Royale. It brings back very fond memories indeed!! As for my fall collection this year it will be: Tabac Blond (hugs to T), Bois des Iles, Cuir de Russie (again blame T), Vol de Nuit, L'Heure Bleue, Angeliques Noir (hugs to L), Cedre, Un Lys, and Chaldee (parfum extrait - er thanks to V who said I really should snap up the bottle I found in a Mall kiosk when I made an emergency perfume call in the middle of the day). That should keep me busy but I am sure there is always room for more - like the new Frederic Malle - if it is ever released :) Hugs to you Cherie.
Argh - how could I forget Nuit de Noel extrait which has become a favorite FAST. How I love Caron this winter. Bad influence of T and didn't expect me to take ownership did you??? They remind me of another enabler I know and love who lives in ....Paris :)
Hi, N! Hope you're feeling better.

My perfume wardrobe hardly ever changes, but I like yours very much. :-)
Dear D - I love your choices and I cannot believe that I forgot the extrait version of Nuit de Noel - major lemming there. :)
During this summer, I wore Cedre and I have some warm memories of this perfume that I plan to pull through till spring.

Thank you for your good wishes and my oh my that fab box. The moose munch you sent (one pack disappeared last evening) and it was just delish but I have "crise de foie" now from pigging. They are so yummy that we could not stop.

Thank you dear M for all your good wishes. How I detest these spammers. I get enough by email to my wanadoo account and I am sick of blocking 100s per day! It is ludicrous.

On a nicer subject - love your choices too - the only one that did not work for me was Collection.

Thank you for sharing your love for cool weather scents. We all seem to love them too...
Dear M! Thank you so much for your healing vibes. I am feeling a lot better. Your scents are lovely. I forgot to mention two of my other favs you must love - Costes and Narcisse Noir. :))
Shal Nur is just gorgeous.
I do not know Ashram nor Sanctuary. Bet they are lovely. Love the name Ashram - gives me a feeling of instant peace.

Hope you are well. Lovely to see you. xoxo
Dear R! I can totally understand that you may not have lemmings at the moment and that you have a lot to get through. I cannot wait for Hermes Osmanthus and FM Carnal Flowers. I hope they disappoint me so I have other perfumes to concentrate on. ;D

Dear V! Thank you for the wishes.

Love your choices -almost all the fragrances you mentioned.

Hope you are well too.
Dear Katie - thank you for the encouraging words. You are so correct in talking about perfume samples breeding - yesterday, I decided to take advantage of not feeling great and piss poor weather to dejunk stuff. I could not believe how much stuff I seem to have accumulated and there is no way I will be able to use things up!

Your choices are unique and I do like Galimar and IPdF Spezie. What do you think of the LV Specie?

About the spamments as you rightfully call them - well I will keep ignoring them.

Hope you are well. ((((K)))
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Dear Tania! Glad you liked the photos. I am feeling much better now.

You bandit loving woman you! ;D
I had a bottle of this a while ago and then rarely used it so graciously gave it away. Now I miss it and may get some.
I love your fall fragrance wardrobe. I am tempted to get some Bois des Iles but the parfum does not seem to last on me. :(
Is that normal or just me?
I may test again and see. Have you tried the EDT? What are your thoughts?

You better get your book written up and published soon - I am continuously impressed at your fab writing skills.

While I was typing this a spamment to quote Katie has decided to grace my blog. Ah joys of spam-filled blogging!

Dear F! So lovely to see you here and I hope Phil is much better now.

Love your choices too and well - you have also been a real enabler darling!!

Delighted that P liked the photos.
Please give him a huge hug from me.

(((((((((((F and P)))))))))))))
Dear J! Lovely to see you here! I know how faithful you are to FdO and always think of you when I wear/try some at the boutique.

Thank you for the good wishes.

Darling, N! Love the photos. They make me nostalgic for Paris in the fall!

I'm also loving Cedre and Coco as well as Montale Rose Petals, Cuir Mauresque, FM Noir Epices and Une Rose!

Darling T! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I missed mentioning Montale Rose Petals and Cuir Mauresque.

I hope you visit soon.

Hello N-

Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing such beautiful scenes.

As for my winter fragrance wardrobe--I usually just wear whatever strikes my fancy.

Coco pure parfum
Yosh Omniscent

These will be staples, but I am not sure yet of all the fragrances I will be inclined to wear in the cold Chicago winter.

xoxo to you
Love the photos and your choices for a "scent wardrobe" this Fall, darling!

Take good care. Am swamped at work!

Hugs, rsj
Dear Jen thank you and I am glad you liked the photos! Lovely to read your choices. I love the first two. Have yet to try Omniscent I think.

Hope you are well.

I hope you are well darling R! I thought you must be very busy.

Glad you liked my choices and the photos.


N, I only wear the EDTs of Bois des Iles and Cuir de Russie, because I find the Chanels to have very high quality EDTs, so that the parfum seems like an unneeded extravagance. I was actually one who preferred the Bois des Iles EDT to the parfum! Sacrilege, maybe, in the Cult of the Extrait, but there you have it. It lasts forever on me and the drydown is particularly cozy.
Thanks so much T! I thought I remembered you mentioning a long time ago on the board but I could not remember. You are right that their EDTs are of good quality.
Thank you for saving me a lot of dough.

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