Friday, October 28, 2005

Overwhelmed by the generosity of loving friends..

and I am luckily blessed with many.

I may come across as a cynic to some of you but I have my humbling moments when I am treated with so much love, warmth and kindness that my cynical attitude turns into something very warm and caring. In general, I do try to see good in people as much as I can. :)

This week I was awestruck beyond imagination by two friends who wanted to make this a very special week for me. Without mentioning names (you know who you are) - I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so genuine, loving and true to your words.

My perfume today in the honour of all you lovely friends - is Chanel 22 and I am also testing SJP's Lovely.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

I wanted to post a couple of pics from yesterday (we had the most glorious day in Paris since August) but blogger has some problems with them. Will try again later.

You deserve all of it, darling N!

I hope that you will have a wonderful weekend filled with many special moments! (((N)))
Darling V! Thanks for your good wishes. Hope you a wonderful weekend too.

I agree with V. You deserve all good things that come your way.
Enjoy your goodies, and have a wonderful weekend.

Darling Jen - you do too and thank you for everything.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend too.

Dear N, What do you think of Lovely?

Hope you have a fabulous weekend, and of course, join everyone else in saying that you deserve all good things :-)
Of course you deserve nothing but the best, darling!

I hope you enjoy your fragrances and have a fabulous weekend with your dashing dh. :):)

Hugs and love!
Dearest, you have that quality that is essential to having friends - knowing how to *be* a friend. You deserve all the good that comes your way!

Can't wait to see the most glorious day...


Dear Robin,
I do like Lovely - it is certainly one of the better ones this year from celebs. Thanks for your kind words..
Hope you are enjoying a great weekend too.
Thank you so much darling R!
The weather has been superb here - the best days this year.
We are enjoying a super weekend and hope you are too with your lovely family.

Dearest D! Thank you for such kind words. Please see the photos above.
Thank you for being such a warm friend too. :)

Hugs and mwah!
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