Friday, October 14, 2005

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20 random facts about parislondres....

1. I am not a sweet person many people may think I am and I can also be quite tough.

2. Most creative activities can move me.

3. Qualified solicitor (lawyer) but I cannot stand most lawyers though there are many great ones - actually the best humane ones in that profession do happen to be some of my closest friends. I doubt I could ever marry one!

4. People who take me for granted at any point lose my friendship.

5. I am obsessive about customer service - cannot stand poor quality we seem to face these days.

6. A bit/quite eccentric in nature - love my own space yet can be a real party animal - go figure! I can be mooooooooooooooodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy but do not show it.
I have strong views on most things important to my life. Am a blatant materialist with a socialistic heart/mind!

7. I am related to the famous Bankim Chandra Chatterjee (maternal grandmom's side) who wrote the hymn "Bande Mataram" - one of the greatest patriotic hymns ever - maybe that is why I am not overtly patriotic.

8. Again related to two art related figures. First O.C. Ganguly - who was a famous art critic, art historian and art collector in India (my father's side).
Also, Lady Ranu Mookerjee who ran the Academy of Fine Arts in Calcutta since her father-in-law set it up in 1933 - a great meeting place for Calcutta's artistic intelligentsia. That is where most major contemporary shows take place. My art venture has no relation or support from this academy or any connections. She was one heck of a woman.

9. My Belgian husband and I (born and raised in India) are true cosmopolites - we feel at home pretty much in any city. Between us, we have several masters degrees and speak nine languages.

10. I love Rome and I believe I was a Roman in my last birth. Rome moves me and speaks to me.

11. I worked for Mother Teresa's Sishu Bhavan when I was in my teens - it is the orphanage that made me re-think about procreation in this present world. Am perfectly happy sans children and am happier to help many more than just the couple I would raise and then what?
Certainly left a massive impression on me.

12. Also I am NOT British - a common but rather annoying mistake but am an Indian married to a Belgian. I have no relatives who live in the UK. Most of my relatives are very happy in India.

13. I love most Asian cuisine, some European cuisine and love Cajun food.
My favourite drink is Pineau des Charantes. I am allergic to milk products..

14. I can be a snack addict - mainly Japanese, Indian and American snacks. Well not really an addict but when I get some - they go very quickly.

15. I have an aversion towards cold, snobbish, superficial, religious fundamentalists and wishy-washy people - I am way too passionate to get along with those kinds... especially the wishy-washy variety.

16. Detest waiting and people who are disrespectful and late get on my nerves.

17. I love to drive very fast - owning a beauty like TVR Tuscan and a porche 911 is a dream for me. According to my husband I am a racer - so wish I had gone into racing!

18. Wish to learn to fly someday soon.

19. I cannot swim - I am a pisces without fins.

20. I love France - Vive la France!

About tagging - I would love to tag my wonderful friend Debra who writes She'll be Feverish

Thank you for that! You're a heck of a lady. I think when we meet we will get along just fine. ;-)

But, tut tut, don't drive so fast, you'll flatten someone. (My mother too has a lead foot. You speed demons!)
T thank you for tagging me. It was fun to write up this list.

I really hope we will meet one day soon. I too think we will get along just fine and have a blast. ;D

About driving too fast - never in the cities I promise but I let go on the motorways.
N, what an interesting list! I am just like you re: your No. 16. Cannot stand waiting, being late or people who are constantly late. :-)
Thank you dear M! I must check out. Bet you have been tagged by now. Will be off to read all the lists. :)

Isn't it annoying when people have no sense of punctuality?
Well what do you learn something new every day, you speed demon you!

LOL! Yes speedy indeedy! Mwah ;D
N, what a great list! I have so enjoyed reading these on everyone's blogs & have learned something new from each one. Will picture you from now on zipping through the city streets with your hand in a snack bag :-)
Oh your #5 - I couldn't agree more. For me I think, it's because I used to work in retail shops, and the lack of service offends my sensibilities as someone who used to do the same stuff. My sales were always better when I took the time to listen to my customers and make my best effort to try to help them, whether or not it resulted in an immediate sale. I always found that customers would come back to me eventually becasue they knew I would be easy and friendly to deal with.

That's a great list, N. I am having so much fun reading everyone's lists and discovering so much I didn't know about them, including you N.
Oh, what a fantastic list, darling N! I love reading it. Now, I have to touch your feet the next time I see you, because I worship Bankim Chandra Chatterjee. What a great mind!

Have a wonderful weekend!
This is a great list N!
I also can not swim. I did take lessons but never got past the tadpole level.

Hello and thanks R! I never speed in the cities - just because it is too risky for others. I must add that if there is anyone else in the car, I drive relatively moderately. ;D
Darling V!
You will never be allowed to touch my feet because I do not have BCC's brilliant mind. I am so delighted that you know and appreciate his writing. It is so wonderful knowing that you are so erudite and have vast knowledge of such great writers. :)

Dear K! Thank you and I am glad I am not the only one who is obsessed with CS. ITA with your thoughts. Thank you for your great list too - I tried posting last night but am not sure if I was successful. It has been a great way of getting to know our blogging friends.

Dear Annie!

I also know tadpole level tricks :( and can float but when I was five, I fell into a waterfall in Assam and that totally screwed up any further ambition to actually learn further. I was saved by an army officer and I am eternally grateful for that.

Wonderful list! American snacks on their way to you right now :>)

I've taken up your challenge...thanks!


Wonderful news - just saw your fab list.

PS Many many thanks for the American snacks - you always spoil me.

Hello darling N!
I also cannot swim. I am afraid of water.:(
And I think I should send you some japanese snack!:))

Lovely to see you again darling S! Hope you are well.

Must catch up soon.

Neela, you're kind of scaring me :-)
What an amazing, formidable woman you are! I'm glad to know you and will try very hard to never be late with you!
I in fact have a strange obsession with time. I am never late but I am never early. I have some kind of wierd aversion to being too early for things. Until I met my husband I usually timed things perfectly. Now, with him, and the darling children, I have a much harder time managing my arrival time issue LOL.
I hope to meet you some day.
LOL! I am scary dear L! ;D
Formidable is a good word. :)
Hope to meet you some day too.
BTW I like to reach on time and do not enjoy waiting for people either.

Hello Dear N!
How neat about your famous relatives.

I am very impressed and envious that between you and T, you know 9 languages.
Re #2--I too sometimes cry at musicals because of the talent and power some of the people possess. I have also been knows to cry upon seeing a famous work of art in person.

re#6 You are a CHAMPION at customer service. Thanks for all your help with Victimised Spring. I picked it up Yesterday, and it is breathtaking. Photos to follow.

re #16--I think being late all the time is the height of arrogance. People who are always late do not value other people's time.

re#11--hugs to you. We both see this issue the same way in a society where being "sans children" is a bit unorthodox.

re#17-- ROFL about your lead foot! DH just got a sports car and he goes a little wild when driving on the highway!

Great facts about you!
Take care dear!

Dear Jen!

Thank you for such kind and encouraging words and comments - you really made my day. :)

Absolutely delighted to hear that the Victimised Spring is already giving you a lot of joy. I cannot express how pleased I am. Cannot wait to see your pics.

About # 11 - it is so refreshing meeting and knowing lovely women like you who think alike on the issues we discussed. :)
Hugging you back.

# 17 - Please tell D to be careful OK? I know how tempting it can be to drive super fast. :))
I promise I only let fo on the highway like D.

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Some of these facts are truly newsworthy to me...I love the title, 'qulified soliciter.'

Like yourself, I loathe, and have no patience for waiting, but have learned to live with it as a part of modern society.
It is wonderful to see you dear B!
Hope you are well. Yes - I agree that being fashionably late is part of modern society! :)
I rather be punctual and unfashinably on time. ;D

It is wonderful to see you dear B!
Hope you are well. Yes - I agree that being fashionably late is part of modern society! :)
I rather be punctual and unfashinably on time. ;D

I knew some and other things surprised me - Ms. Lead Foot. I also didn't know you were allergic to milk products. This has been fun exercise - getting to know people through their eyes. Thank you for sharing.

Neela, you are the coolest. I mean that.

I hope I haven't lost your friendship by taking you for granted... I utterly love and respect you but I'm such a lame-o sometimes. I promise to write soon. I'm sorry.

You worked for Mother Theresa's organization? That's amazing. :-)

I like to drive fast too! But I have learned not to since getting speeding tickets is such a pain in the butt! :-)

With deep affection, Kate
Dear F! Lovely to see you and hope P is recovering well. Both of you are in my thoughts and prayers.
About the allergy - went through most of my life not realizing this.

Dear Kate! I am delighted to see you here. Hope you are well.
I did work for Mother Teresa's orphanage Sishu Bhavan. It was quite an experience and I am glad that I had the opportunity.

LOL - no you haven't lost my friendship my dear! Look forward to catching up one of these days.


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