Thursday, November 17, 2005


As the rose-tree is composed of the sweetest flowers and the sharpest thorns, as the heavens are sometimes overcast, alternately tempestuous and serene; so is the life of man intermingled with hopes and fears, with joy and sorrows, with pleasure and with pains.

Robert Burton
English writer, philosopher and humourist(1576 - 1640)

Stunning photos, N, as always -- especially love the last one with the nice juxtaposition of old & new architecture.

Hope you are well -- hugs!
Thanks R! I love the last one too and have taken a series of these. They look great in black and white.

Things are busy and very cold here.

Winter is coming...

Hugs, rsj
Yes winter is here!

Hugs to you too darling R. :)
Oh, these photos are so beautiful! I love Burton, so it is a joy to read this quote. :)

Hope that you are well (and that my email arrived--take your time answering, I am just making sure).
Thanks dear V! Love Burton too. :)
BTW - can you please resend the email. I did not receive anything post your holidays.

Oh my, that last picture is neat. I had to stare at it for a moment, because I initially thought the modern building was deconstructed or destroyed in some way. Not so, of course, but its abstraction of lines and shapes is a wonderful contrast to the more classic form that reflects its presence into the glass. Wonderful once again, N.
Thanks very much K! :)
Glad you enjoy this photo.
Oh N, beautiful. especially loved yesterdays sunsets ... (they WERE sunsets?) ... gorgeous reminder of how beautiful the world can be. xoxo
Great pix, N! :-)
Thank you dear M! Well those sky photos are usually at dusk. Amazing colours and you are right that it is a reminder how beautiful this world can be. :)

Thank you very much J! :)
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