Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Hermes Osmanthe Yunnan

I received a call this morning from my contact in Hermes to visit their boutique for the latest perfume release.
After a lunch appointment not far from Faubourg St. Honore, I went to test this with great anticipation.

Initially I was a bit underwhelmed because the top note is quite acidic but the dry down turned out to be just gorgeous. The only thing I find while sniffing my wrist and the ribbon several hours later, is that - Osmanthe Yunnan is not a very distinctive fragrance. However, if you love the notes please do try it at your nearest Hermes.

Here is a link to Robin's wonderful blog where she announced the launch of this perfume a while ago.

...inspired by a stroll through Beijing's Forbidden City. The eau de toilette includes notes of tea, freesia, orange, osmanthus and apricot

As many of you may love Osmanthus - I would certainly say it is worth a sniff or two. They currently only have the Osmanthe Yunnan (OY for me) in 100 ml bottles at 135 Euros. Sadly there are no 15 ml sprays.

If this is what it smells like to stroll through the Forbidden City - I wish I could be there right now.

To sum up, OY is a beautiful fruity osmanthus perfume. If I had to compare this to The Different Company's Osmanthus, I would say that Hermes' perfume is a bit more longer lasting on my skin and also that TDC Osmanthus is less fruity. I do love the TDC Osmanthus.

OY is a pretty spring summer perfume.

Oh thank you so much for this Neela! I think we "all" are dying of curiosity over it. I am, and I'm not even usually a big nut for the Hermes frag line. Thany you.
Dear K you are most welcome! This is a really interesting perfume but why on earth do they release summery perfumes now - I will never know.
Maybe for the southern hemisphere market. ;D
*must buy*
*must buy*
*must buy*

LOL -- do you think I'll end up with a bottle?
LOL! R - yes you will end up with a bottle. I see it in the crystal ball of perfumes.....

I. Can. Not. Wait. Any. Longer. To try it!!! :-)
Hey M! You may love it and I would be very keen to know your thoughts! It is sadly not too distinctive or should I say distinctive enough for me to shell that dough. May get Ambre Narguile instead. :)
This is exciting news! I can't tell if I would love it, but I do tend to like lighter scents than you at times, so maybe... . I have a request, dear N. Could you review the new Fragonards you mentioned once in passing? I saw them in the new Barney's catalog and there is one that looks especially appealing to me, Soudain---although the others, like Mensonge, look interesting too. If you have time and interest?? If not, that's fine, too ;D.
Thanks for the report N.
I think my passion has simmered. I am wearing a very light fragrance today(Flor Agatha Ruiz de la Prada) and it is driving me crazy. It might be better to sniff this Hermes when spring comes. I might love it more.
Thanks a ton for the advance reports! I will still smell this, but now I will be cautious and get myself a sample to test for a while before committing to buy.

By the way, lovers of osmanthus should certainly try the fragrance that Luca recommended a while back, Le jardin des floralies by René Laruelle. I was feeling like an osmanthus hit just this morning, after days of wearing sweet orientals, so I sprayed ths on. It took a while to grow on me, but it's great!
Osmanthus is heady around here the past few days. Can't get enough of this scent wafting through the chilly air. It is almost unbearably poignant, the some (few) scents are.
Hello dear L! I think I wrote very briefly sometime in September
on the Confidentiel range.

Here is the bit on Mesonge:


Top: bergamot from Sicily, grapfruit, ginger, green leaves, cardamom

Heart: nutmeg, clove, essence of celery seeds, caraway, tea rose, fresh jasmine

Bottom: cedarwood from Virginia, vetiver from Haiti, sandalwood, lavender absolute.

This starts very nicely - all rather light, fresh and spicy and then goes into a cheap cologne phase that I did not care for. Drydown is spicy and slightly woody.

If you check the September archives on the right - I went through all.

My favourite from my memory was Soudain and Cette Nuit La. I think. They are all worth testing because they are well created perfumes.

About OY - I think you may like this a lot. However, really not that distinctive enough to buy unsniffed. :)

Today I tested it again and liked it even more but I will only buy this in Spring. :)
Dear Annie - to me (and most of the SAs there) this is a spring perfume and not really something I will reach for during winter months unless you live in the southern hemisphere where they are now enjoying summer days.

Do let me know your thoughts when you test it.

Thanks dear Tania for the heads up on Laruelle's perfume. I want to try but there is no sampling possibility or is there?

Osmanthus perfumes are very refreshing and a good break between orientals and other heavy duty perfumes. ;D
I agree with you, N: Why release a spring/summer fragrance in November? Why?

And no little 15 ml spray sets? What's wrong with these people????

Okay, rant over...Thank you, darling, for your lovely and candid review. I think I will order samples and see for myself.

Hugs! I will email you later on, darling.
Darling R - look forward to your news.

Yes - summer scent release in winter to make a point about general global warming! Yikes!

Sadly no plans for 15 ml bottles as I could make out.

Whoops, dear N. September was a busy month for me so I wasn't aware you'd already answered my question ---sorry. Thank you for taking the time to fill me in anyway. And I have FINALLY learned my lesson about not buying unsniffed. i think. :)
P.S. I love that you call it OY. Oy! Oy!
Sounds wonderful, dear N! I cannot wait to try it soon. I have the highest of faiths in JCE. :) Is apricot very evident here?

Hope that your week is going well, and that you received my email (no rush in replying, just checking).
L - you are welcome! :)

T- Oy!! Oy!! ;)
I could not smell apricot as it is well blended with orange.

Hope you are well dear V!
Yes I did get your email and replied. :)
Oh N--

I am having my own love affair with this scent right now. It is for sure full bottle worthy in my humble opinion. As soon as it makes it to Chicago I am SO GETTING IT!

Thanks to you and Robin for such wonderful reviews.
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