Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Make a wish..

A material wish

A non-material wish

A family wish

A wish for friends

A global wish

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and the holiday season!

Here are mine:

A material wish

For a fun holiday which includes visiting many art galleries and perfume houses.

A non-material wish

Pray for health and happiness for everyone

A family wish

That my cousin and her baby get through their ordeal. Health wishes and happiness for all.

A wish for friends

That all my friends stay healthy, happy and we continue many years of meaningful and caring relationship.

A global wish

A wish for peace, eradication of poverty and pain from this planet.

Dear N, I understand this is American holiday, but still- bestest of wishes to you and Happy Thanksgving!

My list:
A material wish - a big bottle of Ambre Narguile

A non-material wish - health for my family

A family wish - see above and especially for my mum who is very unwell

A wish for friends - health and well being for all and for us all to re-unite very soon

A global wish - peace on earth...not a lot to wish for, right? :-)
Dear M! Wonderful and I hope you wishes come true. I am sure your Ambre Narguile will come true.

Beautiful, N! Thank you for your heartfelt wishes.

Other than that big bottle of (fill in the blank, lol!), I wish for peace in Iraq and for our so-called leaders to stop the fighting and get down to the serious business of what we need from them: vision and leadership!

Darling Robin! I am so curious to know what you would love next! :))
My warmest wishes to you and your family and thank you for being such a kind and loving friend.

Hey Paris, first blogger could you suggest any perfume house tour if there is such thing?
Yes - please check out
Dear N, what a wonderful post! Here are my wishes:

A material wish

A fun trip to Paris

A non-material wish


A family wish

My mom would be able to go to Ukraine and that my brother finishes his semester well

A wish for friends

That your cousin will get better! I have been so worried about it. I hope that she is starting to recover and that the baby is gaining strength.

A global wish

A wish for peace, eradication of poverty and pain from this planet--this is a perfect wish!

And I wish all these things for you, N, on this, our American Thanksgiving! xoxo
Dear V! Thank you for all the good wshes. I hope that all your wishes come true.

Dear M - thank you very much and hope that you have a super time this Thanksgiving.

Dear V - yet another short post - many thanks for the email - just responded. A huge thanks for being a wonderul friend to me.
A material wish: a big ol' pot of money, I guess!

A non-material wish: that we have a short winter

A family wish: continued good health for both of my parents

A wish for friends: that things improve for those who are struggling this year with stress & ill-health

A global wish: an end to the war in Iraq, please

Hugs, N, and hope you have much to be thankful for today.
Dear R! Wonderful wishes and I hope they come true and that you are enjoying a fantastic time today with your lovely family.
Thank you for being so encouraging in my ventures.

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