Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I cannot believe how quickly this year has passed by. Being busy and travelling a fair bit has been part of it but to be frank, even when I think I have not done that much - time somehow slips away through my fingers like fine desert sand. Another minor observation is that the older I get the quicker time flies by. There are almost not enough time in a day to get so much done if time continues to move at this speed.

Hope you all had a good year. "Good" as we know can come with some setbacks, that can hopefully teach us some things about life and also to value and appreciate what we have. There were a few things I went through work wise and some things that my family have been through.
Some of my friends have suffered great losses and have been through an awful lot.

Whatever you may have been through I am certain that you will be better prepared for the next year.
Sadly, there are some things we can never be prepared for and that includes the death of a loved one.

Do you wish to share how you would rate this year on a scale of 1-10?
Mine would be 6 (as of today) and I am rather conservative.

My best wishes to all of you for a great end of 2005. Early wishes so you can bring in 2006 in style and with the right attitude. When and if you evaluate your life this year, please be kind to yourselves.

Dear N,
Thanks for the wonderful post and pic! Time does pass more quickly the older we get, and I believe there is a scientific principle behind this, if that's any consolation.
In answer to your question, I think I will have to rate 2005 as a 7 or 8. Although the year began sadly with the death of my father-in-law, I've established new friendhips with a few wonderful women I've come to know this year, and that gives me great happiness. :-) My little family is healthy, and our home has not been demolished by war or disaster, unlike so many in the world. For these, I am very grateful, and I wish you peace, joy and health for the coming holidays and New Year (and always)!
What a great post! I am giving my year a 5. It had just about the same amount of bad and good stuff.
Here is hoping the next year is All Good :-) (ok, maybe not a 10, I am hoping for an 8 and will settle for a 7)
Helo dear Anne - welcome and thank you so much for your beautiful response. I hope you have a wonderful end of year celebrations. We really do need to be thankful and grateful for what we have.
Today, I was in the Printemps area and there were so many christmas shoppers and quite a few homeless suffering in the cold. That always brings me back to reality. We have many many things to be grateful for just as you mentioned.
Dear M - I hope next year is very good for you too. 5 is not too bad either and I am sure you are being conservative too.
Dear N, thank you for such a thoughtful post. This year has been probably a 6, with a mix of good and bad. The most important thing is that everyone is healthy and doing well, and everything else will be sorted out. I only wish for you and for everyone that the next year will be only 100% good things (well, 99%, to be realistic and allow for some mishaps). :)
Dear V - thank you! I wish you the very best as always and hope all goes well with exams etc.
Hope you are well and will catch up very soon! Mwah!
N, I have been trying to decide all day what number to give. Am very tired today so that makes me lean towards a 4, but overall the world has been good to my family this year. So I'll say a 7. Ask me again tomorrow and I will probably have a different answer ;-)
Dear R! I can understand that it is tough to put a number but I wish you all the best R for the holiday season and the new year to come.

N, by the way, just tried to send you an email (twice) and got an error message. Hope it went through anyway?
Hi there! Sorry that I have not been in touch this week, but my computer finally bit the dust. I think it would rate this year a zero! :):)

Everyone is healthy and doing well in our little household. There have been a few ups and downs along the way. One of my closest friends died in April, and that was very difficult for her family and all of her many friends. But overall, I would rate this year about a six or seven maybe.

It just flew by way too fast!

Hugs for the season!
I liked this post so much. It's been a year of high highs and low lows -- so good and so painful at times. I love living right now and at this nanosecond would give it an 8 -- I'm interested in what I'm doing, I'm loved by and love a good man, my dog tolerates me and a nice person sent me wishlist samples. Really, does life get any better? *I'll be asking if I can reprint that wonderful photo ... hope you'll give me permission* ♥ xoxo
R - got your message! Many thanks.
Hi dear R - sorry to hear about your computer trouble. Is this the one at work - how are you managing? That explains the silence. :)
Great to hear that all is well and I wish you all the best. It was so sad knowing that one of your closest friends passed away.
I lost one two years ago and it is not easy to come to terms with. My best wishes to her family too.

Hugs for the season!
Dear M! Thanks so much for sharing your year with us. I wish you all the best for the next year and I am so glad to hear that you are enjoying life at the moment. We must try and do so and not have many regrets.

PS M dear - of course you can reprint. Thank you for asking and liking it! ;D
Love the post & pic. Don't know if i can give the year a rating just yet - i feel there's more good in the weeks left. But i am certainly pondering your questions, and your wise admonition to be kind to myself.

One of the highs of 2005 has been getting to know you better :>)
Darling D! That is such a nice thing to write. It has also been great getting to know you better. :)
Glad that you like the pic and I look forward to your thoughts when you do get down to evaluating.

what a nice post Neela.
I don't think I can rate my year but I glad to be prodded to give it some thought.

I can't rate my year either: it isn't over yet and I'm superstitious. LOL!
Great to see you again dear Laura!
Yes - it was just my way of thinking what I need to get done in December! :D

Hello J! Hope you do share whenever you decide to rate the year so far!

I'm so glad I clicked on the picture to see it enlarged. In the larger version I can see the birds who've flown in and perched atop all those clocks. Heh. Time flies, indeed.

I am with bela, I refuse to acknowledge the year in entirety until the calendar has flipped over to the next year.
Hi K! Good to see you. Hope you are well.
I am, and love the pictures you also uploaded in the post above this one. I'm in love with this particular piece of public art though - so evocative and quite wonderful, N. Thank you for sharing your photos with us (I know I must say that every time, but I'm always glad to see your camera's view of where you live.)
I am so delighted that you enjoy my photos dear K. These are really very random shots and I love photography that way. No posing just aim and click! ;D
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