Monday, December 05, 2005

Photographs and memories...September 2005

Inside my favourite Palais Royal - impressive official chambers rarely open to the public.

View from Concorde towards Madeleine

Geometric columns by Michel Bisbard
in a government building close to where I live.

Thank you for more views of your lovely city. I'm always impressed by how art and decoration are so much a part of public spaces there, as opposed to how utilitarian most of our public buildings are.
Hi, N!

Love your pics. Makes me nostalgic for Paris. Can't wait till January.
Hope you're well.

Oh wow...incredible photos...those columns look to my eye like Nutcrackers of sorts :-)(or am I just all geared up for Christmas and see the associated stuff everywhere LOL)
N, you have a real eye for photography! Thank you, again, for these incredible pix.

Hugs and love!
Dear N, these are such beautiful photos! You really captured the best view of Madeleine. Loved the geometric columns as well! Only a few more days. :)
Thanks dear D! I am glad you liked them. Yes art is very much a part of public spaces. Thanks to the socialistic attitude - art is accessible to all and not to the wealthy etc. :)
Dear T! Many thanks and cannot wait to see you. Things are fine but busy. Hope you are very well.

Dear M - thank you and glad that you loved the columns as much as I did. Aren't they just fab! In real life - they were simply gorgeous. This was way back in September this year. The exhibition is no longer around but would be perfect around christmas.
Thank you dear R for the lovely compliment. I really aim and shoot.
Hope you are well.

Hugs and love!
Thanks dear V! Glad you liked these photos. Have many more but can only post the first ones i see.

Cannot wait to see you soon!
Dear N, echoing other comments -- but I love the geometric columns. Are the individual cubes movable? They look like they might be, but then can only imagine that children would be swirling them all day and you could never snap a picture!
Dear R! Well spotted. I think they do move. This is not exposed here any longer but I loved walking by late summer to late fall and peeping at these wonderful columns.
Would love to have a house with a huge courtyard with these geometric columns. I can dream away!! ;D
I love these peeks into your Paris, N. thank you. ♥ xoxo
I am very happy to share some too M! Hope you are well.
Hello N!

I love your photography so very much. Makes me wish I could just hop a plane over to Paris right now.
I am craving a chocolate croissant!

xo to you!
Hello dear Jen! Thanks a lot for your kind words and wish you would visit Paris soon.

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