Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Happy New Year!

Top two are from our week in Rome
Bottom two from our week in Florence

Hope you have a wonderful year!

Bottom left pic is from Antica Farmacista store in Florence.
Welcome back online, N, and thank you for the pictures. Would love to see Santa Croce in the snow, and of course, wouldn't mind a little visit to Antica Farmacista either :-)

A very happy 2006 to you!
Dear R! Hope you are well. This is the magnificent Santa Maria Novella church after a night of snow. The view was from our hotel room.
It would be so great to visit Antica Farmacista with you.

Hope you have a fantastic 2006! :)
Wow! The light in Florence must be fantastic - the church just glows despite the leaden sky.

Though I know you are busy, I hope you will not completely abandon your blog - it's one of my favorite places to visit!


Welcome back! Thank you for sharing your photos. I have not been in Italy for 2 years already, and I miss it. Sounds like you had a wonderful time during the holidays.

Hope that 2006 is starting on a wonderful note for you and will continue that way!
Dear D! Thank you for your kind words - I will try my best to post pics etc. as much as I can.

Florence is just gorgeous and the light there is something special.
I will post more in the next weeks.

Hugs back! :)
Dear V - thank you for your warm wishes. We have to return to Italy each year or twice a year - that is how much we love Rome and Florence. :) I know you love Italy too and hope you visit soon.

Hope you have a wonderful year too. :)
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