Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cute sign for sale!

Happy Heart(s) Day! Hope you are all well.
I have been a bit too busy to find time and energy to post.
Hope to do more if I can.

Happy V-Day, dear N! I hope that your day is wonderful. I am spending it in the library, but I will write to you later.
Lots of hugs!
Sending more Valentine's wishes, N -- hope it is a wonderful day & so glad to see you online!
Thank you very much dear V! Hope your exams go very well.

Dear R! Thank you very much and hope to be able to post more soon.


Hey N, I do hope to "see" more of you online again soon - you are missed! :) I hope you are well, and are not too busy or stressed out. Take care, Katie
Thank you dear K! I will try and post once a week. Have missed visiting your witty blogs too.
Will get there soon. Hope you are very well. :)
and I hope you had a wonderful hearts day, too, N! ♥ xoxo
Lovely to see you dear M! Yes it was really lovely!

Wonderful sign - how much was it?!
It was really cute but I cannot remember how much it was.
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