Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The past two months have been too hectic....

Have been meaning to post more but could not.
I woke up this morning wanting to revisit my beloved Florence.
Here are a couple of photos for you.
News wise - have been loving the newest Patou creation called Sira des Indes. It is gorgeous.
Spring is not yet here in Paris but I am waiting very patiently. It has been an awful winter but
there are many things I enjoy doing during these cold and grey months. Have seen a number of excellent exhibitions both in Italy and here. The recent ones include the Ingres exhibition at the Louvre last week and one on American jewels of the very rich and famous at the Musee Carnavalet. Also enjoyed revisiting the fantastic Phillips Collection here in Paris. My weekly visits with friends to the museums and galleries really do keep me sane.

Hope you are all well!

Hi Neela!
My first post here!I love the photos and hope you catch your breath soon!
Welcome C! Hope you are well.
Thank you for your kind words and I am delighted you like the photos.


Beautiful pictures! Spring has already arrived here. While I loved and will miss winter, I was ready for a change in the weather!

Can't wait to hear more!
Dear S! I can almost smell spring here but not yet. Delighted that you are enjoying good weather.
Hope you are very well.

Hey, nice to see you online (too)! Lovely pictures, as always.
Hello R - lovely to see you here too. Thank you again! :))
Glad to see you and your lovely photos back again! Winter is still here, unfortunately, but it's not as cold and the days are much longer now. Soon it will be time to start making some spring modifications to my fragrance wardrobe!
Lovely to see you too dear Ann!
Hope you are well. The days are getting much longer and that is certainly a lot better.
Oh the dome! I love that top picture looking down on the city so much. The Duomo has always captured my imagination, as the history of it is fascinating. Of course, nearly all the stories swirling around the Medicis tend to be fairly fascinating ;)

Glad to see you are enjoying yourself and having fun. I do hope you will share more pictures when you have an opportunity, but in the meanwhile do enjoy yourself. Sounds like a marvelous time, N.

Dear Katie! Lovely to see you. Glad you like the photo too. The history of Florence is fascinating and with each visit I love it more.
Work has been super hectic to say the least but I do try to mingle work with some fun.
Hope you are well.
Hello Neela!
Glad to see you back. I hope your hectic days melt into lovely spring days. Oh how I love Paris in the Springtime!

Lovely photos!

Dear Jen! Hope you are well too. Have been thinking of how you are.
Hope to catch up properly very soon. Yes I do love Paris in the springtime. :)

Dear N, I woke up a couple of days ago missing Italy. I made a big dinner of pasta, monkfish in Sicilian-style sauce and some ciambella. Ah, nothing transports you to the desired place better than food. :)

Thank you for posting these beautiful photos!
Gorgeous pics!

Wish i could send you a big bouquet of daffodils to cheer you out of the winter blahs. Don't worry, Spring is on its way!


thanks to Annie, I'm here with belated birthday wishes! Hope it was a wonderful day ... and that Italy is in your near future! xoxo
Dear V - thank you! I do cook quite a bit of Italian food. My other ways of missing it less is going through all the photos of all my visits over the past many years. :)
Thanks dear D! I love spring as I am a spring baby. :)
Thank you so much for your wishes dear M and to dear Annie for remembering.
You are both wonderful!!

Hugs and kisses!!
I was in Paris in mid January and I was pleasantly surprised by how mild the weather was at that time. While there I managed to miss one of Tokyo's biggest snowfalls ever! Spring is doing it's best to blossom here, yesterday was the warmest day we've had so I'm hoping the cherry blossoms will be out this week :)
Lucky you can see the cherry blossoms soon. I want to travel to Japan this time of the year - maybe next year. :)
Hi honey!! ♥
Dear L! Great to see you.
Hope all is well. :)
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